Cooling and Moistening

Herbal Renderings
by JoAnn Sanchez  RH, AHG
When embarking on a personal reflection in search of the perfect herbal tea to prepare for myself my underlying wish is to keep cool and moist inside to support the fact that the desert summer is longstanding.
As well as the gifts of moisturizing your inside and cooling your body systems each of the ingredients in this tea blend bring additional qualities:
Chickweed, useful for weight gain or constipation due to sluggish thyroid gland function, for instance, will also be supportive to the lymph system elimination if the heat is preventing us from getting adequate exercise. Chickweed will also aid mitochondrial functions all the way to a cellular level to allay myalgias (neuromuscular discomforts) for folks needing this support.
Violet, the other star of this formula, will increase capillary strength for those with varicosities, address chronic nasal/pharynx mucus from allergies, and even help with a hangover headache.
Oatstraw is so fine to nourish us and calm nervous system responses.
Licorice is included to satisfy thirst, address muscle weaknesses, balance blood sugar, and support respiratory congestion if needed.
Lycium, or goji, is a delicious addition to address allergies, blood sugar imbalences, sore knees, or helping with sensitivity to light
Comfrey can address many digestive indications
Hibiscus – for a brightness that is premier for nourishment and cooling the body.
When this endless summer keeps on in this time of the season I drink this refreshing beverage.
Please stop at the yoga desk for a cool cup this month and enjoy the benefits.
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