Teen Yoga Summer Camp

June 25, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

With Linsey Lane

Monday through Friday, June 25th – 29th   2 – 4pm

Cost: $150     Early Bird Discount by May 15th – $135    

This highly specialized camp is designed for teens between the age of 13 and 17. Teen Yoga uses the teachings of the science of yoga to help teens more skillfully manage the everyday stressors in their life – relationships, academic and peer pressures, family obligations, sports and competitions, to name a few.  This course will include the following:

Asana – movement to increase body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility, stability and improved posture

Breath work – drawing attention to breath as a reflection of state of mind and as a tool for relaxation and stress release

Energy work – experiencing and understanding energy to optimize use and learn how to equalize energy – revitalize when low and manage when hyperactive

The benefits of this program will include an increased ability to concentrate, make helpful decisions, develop a healthy body image, build acceptance, connection and compassion, cultivate the ability to relax, develop the skill of on-reaction, and a heightened awareness of one’s own presence and how they show-up in their world. We provide a safe environment for teens to explore with a healthy curiosity the mind, body and spirit. Through this self-study, they can cultivate mental and physical habits that allow them to create a more artful way of living and interacting with others, and take responsibility for their own happiness. Thus, finding peace within.

Each interactive class will include an open meditation and centering, introduction of a theme for self-exploration, movement and yoga poses, breath techniques, and end with a guided relaxation known as Yoga Nidra.  Themes to be explored are: Self-image and acceptance; Stress and Happiness; Bullying and Connection; Healthy use of technology/electronics: Peer pressures.

Linsey Lane was 16 years old when she initiated her journey with meditation and mindfulness as a means to deal with peer pressure and stress. She met and studied with her mentor, Sadhguru when she was 18. Also at this time, she volunteered with Autistic children in an equine and sensory integration program. This program included yoga and meditation with horses and nature. At 24, Linsey traveled to India to continue her studies in meditation. This experience inspired her to deepen her spiritual journey and share her passion with others. She completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher certification and leads the Kid’s Yoga program at Yoga Breeze and their outreach program at Montessori School. In 2015 she was certified in Yoga Nidra, a guided relaxation technique. Her soft, soothing voice, simple, clear guidelines, calm demeanor and energy, accent her ability to communicate effectively with individuals of all ages and abilities. Linsey’s background and unique gifts make her an excellent role model and mentor for teenagers. Yoga has proven to be a very powerful tool for a solid foundation for life.

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