Herbal Renderings by JoAnn Sanchez


Seasons of Discontent

Histamine reaction, mast cell production, inflammatory cascades, antigen induction.

If you are an allergy sufferer these terms define this season of discontent.

Due to the dry year, there is less plant growth here in the desert than last  and it is likely that your experience may be of a moderate nature: but any level of discomfort due to allergies, mild to severe, can be attended to safely and effectively with herbal remedies.

Ideally, herbs will be introduced before pollen seasons begin to avoid onset of symptom occurrence. Herbal remedy can also be employed to keep symptoms at bay.  Any introduction of important immune and symptom relieving herbals can begin to alter that discontent.

Relevant herbs include Calendula officinalis, or Pot Marigold blossoms.  Blooming now in springtime gardens, these golden and yellowed flowers keep lymphatic debris in motion to exit the body so that a build up of allergenic stimulation does not occur.

Eyebright herb, or Euphrasia officinalis, can be used to tone down the inflammation of an allergenic response, particularly for symptoms with the eyes like itchiness and watery release.

Stinging nettles leaf, or Urtica dioica, serves the sufferer of allergy woes by acting as an anti-histamine and therefore reducing symptoms particularly related to breathing challenges.

Like Eyebright, Nettles acts to astringe, or tighten, boggy tissue that is inflamed during the allergenic response.

Lastly, Red Clover blossoms, or Trifolium pratens, promotes the body’s ability to cleanse the blood, to reduce the presence of agitating influence from having had exposure to pollens or other elements that one is sensitive to.  This flower also sedates the spasms of coughing that can occur with allergies.

These herbs can be part of a well-rounded compound of botanicals prepared into a tea, a tasty blend, drunk ahead of time and throughout the challenged time period.

We will soon sample a refreshingly cool, minty with citrus undertone herbal infusion that will assist you through the

Season of discontent.


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