Herbs for Mind, Body and Spirit

Herbal Renderings by JoAnn Sanchez RH, AHG

If we lived in a “cold climate”, when the weather induced dormancy in the environment we might take a season indoors. We would internalize our activities and our musings. We might take to baking and meditation and reading and resting to initiate some restoration.

But WE live in a “hot climate”. We have a cool period where activity is enhanced, particularly outdoors. And then, for the season that is notably for “playing”, summertime, we tend to

up-regulate and activate our mobility as well.  This energetic motion might lead to full year round action and busyness on our parts.

Perhaps we could approach our eternal summer here in the desert as an opportunity for retreat.

Into the solitude of our homes and into ourselves.

A time for spiritual nourishment, self- reflection, honing our yoga practices and journeying within. We could rest.

Herbs can be our allies in this shift.

Rest our bodiesAvena sativa . From its mineral rich gathering from the grassy fields in which it grows fresh and milky Oats can feed our nervous systems to a depth of grounding, relaxation and nourishment.

Rest our minds – Passiflora incarnataPassion flower can soothe the endless focus of attention to chores and accomplishments we attempt to fulfill with our everyday obligations  to the world and to those personal goals we set for ourselves. Slow down.

Rest our spirits – with Holy Basil or Ocimum sanctum.  Perhaps we can allow a time of soothing, of tending with gentleness that might  serve us. To feel as if we were  cloaked in stillness and quiet for many moments, nurtured to strength so that in renewal we go forth anew.

The herbs can be our partners.

May you find peaceful knowing.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

We will serve these three as tea companions at Yoga Breeze, on Wednesday, June 13th!

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