Liver Lover

Herbal Renderings by JoAnna Sanchez.  RH, AHG

Five companions form this splendid herbal tea blend this month to support the liver as well as the heart.

The herbs for this summer brew begin with Schisandra, a very special herb. Its fame in chinese medicine is due to its reputation as a youth preserver and beautifier. The fruits are a detoxifier of and protectant for the liver, allaying inflammation and serving an anti-oxidant function and can address liver damage, especially that caused by exposure to chemical toxicity.  These 5-flavored berries increase one’s ability to resist stress over time.

Secondly our tea includes Dandelion, a famously gentle detoxifying bitter whose leaves act as a tonic to cleanse the body of wastes from heavy clogging food and sedentary habits. Dandelion increases the elimination of toxins, wastes, and pollutants through the liver and kidneys cleansing the blood and tissues.

Linden blossoms make a wonderfully relaxing remedy that is delicious when taken as a tea. The flowers relieve tension and restless anxiety, aid sleep, and reduce muscle tension.  Its bioflavonoids have a beneficial action on arteries and Linden is a useful herb for reducing high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.  Linden is also known as Tilia and relaxes the arteries of the heart, making it useful as a safe treatment for palpitations and coronary heart disease.

Lemongrass is a tasty aromatic that relaxes the circulatory system and benefits digestion as an assist to the intestines to relieve gas, to the lungs acting as a broncho-relaxant and for minor pain as a mild anti-inflammatory herb.

Lastly, our pleasing tea contains Orange peel which also allays inflammation and is a nutritive source of Vitamin C as well, a carminative to relieve intestinal gas like Lemongrass and also acts as an antacid for digestive symptoms.

This blend of herbs is a treat of flavors when prepared iced on these summer days. I am so happy to have had the inspiration to formulate it and we’ll have some for you at Yoga Breeze mid-month on a Wednesday morning.

Do try some. You’ll be pleased.

  • Terri Trueheart
    Posted at 21:59h, 15 January

    Do you currently have any of this for sale? Thank you, Terri

    • yogabreeze
      Posted at 22:30h, 16 January

      Hello Teri. Thank you for the inquiry. We do not currently sell these herbs in our studio, but I will happily pass your contact information on to our herbalist, JoAnn Sanchez. She is local and can guide you to the best way to source quality herbs.