Tea and Toast

An Herbal Rendering

By JoAnna Sanchez RH, AHG

We used to have a magnet on our refrigerator that said “water and bread can so easily be Tea and Toast”.  When my boy was learning to read he liked to ask me what that little magnet said so he could, with innocent joy, ask me for some tea and toast.

He was, at such an early age, aware of the possibility inherent in the simple ritual and ingestion of a Cup of Tea. Hot water can so easily render wonderful attributes from herbs as they steep and infuse for us.  Herbal Teas can nourish, relax and sedate, stimulate and energize and attend to digestive discomforts.

Leaves and flowers of Red Raspberry, Red clover, or Nettles can be employed singly or in pairs as true nourishment to our bodies as mineral-rich beverage. Chamomile, lemon balm, hops, and linden are extraordinary plant gifts that soothe our nervous systems when needed.

We can enjoy a bit of stimulation from time to time by boiling American ginseng and ginger roots together to pour into your favorite tea mug. Also, there are fine camellias to spark our liveliness in black, green, or white varieties.

The seeds of exotic Fennel, Cardamom, Anise, or Caraway are elegant choices to imbibe as aromatic beverage when digestive disturbances arise.

There are boundless more potential occasions to explore and utilize herbs as agents in tea, water infusions steeped and decocted for our pleasures and wellbeing.

As the temperatures begin to rise as spring arrives Herbal tea can also be used to cool the body. Noteworthy iced herbals are Hibiscus blossom and Oat straw, a perfect pair to employ when the desert heats us up.

May you find the same joy of my young son hoping for and enjoying a cup of tea today or very soon.

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