The Good Earth

Herbal Renderings 
by JoAnn Sanchez RH, AHG
She provides all manner of plants that nourish and feed us.
The tea for this month shares her sweetness and her spice.
The leaders in our herbal beverage blend are Chicory root
And Rooibus bush, both of which give this flavorful tea a grounded
and robust presentation, like a cocoa or a coffee beverage might, rich and aromatic
in its taste.
Chicory is a beautiful blue flowered weed whose root is high in an ingredient called inulin which serves to feed good bacteria in our guts and is often referred to as a pre-biotic. Chicory also aids digestion as do all the herbals in this tasty blend.
Rooibus is from south Africa and has a sweet and nutty taste, full of vitamins and minerals. It prevents tooth decay with regular use and is immune regulating and acts as a protective agent for the heart. All the while that it is so enjoyable to drink.
Peppermint leaf, chamomile blossom, ginger root, and anise seed all complement the two stars of the formula to enhance its taste appeal and to primarily offer digestive support in the blend.
Rosehips are the edible ripe fruit of the rose that contain natural vitamin C and flavonoids which we humans need to get everyday since we are incapable of producing them and they are vital to our existence. The components responsible for the pigments in the hip work synergistically to enhance the biological activity of the Vitamin C content in these fruits that color our beverage with a delightful brightness.
Cinnamon is a sweet and spicy component to our tea that is aromatic and is once again useful to the stomach and provides additional anti-oxidant effects that tonify our cardiovascular systems from the action of its oils.
Lemongrass, too, contains volatile oils that bring flavor and digestive benefits to our brew which will be served chilled mid-month at yoga breeze for your pleasure.
All this nourishment with remarkable good taste from the good earth. Have a cup on us.
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