Yoga Classes

We offer a range of yoga class types, for all ages and all levels of experience. See our schedule of classes here.

Classic Level I

Varying sequences of essential basic poses that open the body and focus the mind while exploring the dynamics of breath and energy. A perfect class for those who are beginning their yoga practice and want to learn the fundamentals and safe alignment of essential poses.

Classic Level II

Building on the foundations of awareness and alignment, this class presents opportunities to explore more advanced postures and variations in a safely guided manner.

Vinyasa I

A dance between breath and body movement, incorporating sun salutations and essential postures in a fluid, energizing, strengthening experience. This intermediate class is sequenced to include a warm-up, a breath centered flow and cool down.

Vinyasa II

More advanced than our Vinyasa I, this class includes strength-building, body-heating sequences with occasional explorations of arm balances, and longer holds of posture.

Gentle Yoga

A slower-paced, therapeutic class that uses props (blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters) and gentle techniques to increase mobility, strength and balance. Special care is given to safely move you in and out of poses. Relaxation and rejuvenation techniques round out each practice.

Chair Yoga

This class is designed to be completely done in a chair, if desired. A perfect fit for those who are nursing an injury, have limited mobility or occasionally need the support a chair for balance.


A luxurious, comforting practice of prop-supported postures to slowly release deeply held tension. Of great benefit to anyone living in the modern world.


This class will target the deep connective tissues of the body – the ligaments, joints, bones, and deep fascia networks. Consisting of a series of passive floor poses held up to 5 minutes or more. Mainly working the lower body, hips, pelvis, inner thighs, and lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissue. Energetically, Yin Yoga improves energy flow. Enhancing the flow of Chi/Prana in the organs, offering mental and emotional benefits as well.

Yoga Kurunta– Basics and Advanced

An Iyengar based system of harnesses, straps, belts, bars and other props. Based on proper anatomic and kinesthetic alignment and accuracy, it promotes a therapeutic yoga practice. Using gravity as a natural tool of resistance, the system allows one to safely deepen asana and access deep core muscles – thus building overall strength, mobility and flexibility. Basics are for all levels of practitioners. Advanced Kurunta classes access more challenging poses and require prior approval of the instructor.

Restorative, Reiki and Yoga Nidra

This specialty class integrates restorative poses that calm the mind and relaxes the body. These poses are supported with props and held for 5-10 minutes to promote openness. Reiki (Universal Life Energy), a hands on healing technique is applied by the instructor to each student. This is followed up by Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation into a deep relaxation. Combining these three healing techniques into one class, helps healing on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. Space is limited. Sign-up in advance.

Mindful Strength

Alternating between standing and mat-based exercises, our class consists of low impact/repetitive movements using floor gliders, resistance bands, bender balls, and the Iyengar Wall. These isometric exercise strengthen your arms, abdominals, and legs. In addition, the Iyengar Wall system allows students to safely deepen postures, building overall strength, mobility and flexibility. Advance sign-up required.

Sunrise Vinyasa

Wake up and supercharge your mind, body, and spirit with Sunrise Vinyasa. Vinyasa is the beautiful practice that intelligently connects the breath with movement . This class precisely teaches you to follow your breath’s intuition as you flow through a series of warming stretches, sun salutations, standing and balancing posture.

Gong Bath

Soothe your nerves, nourish your immune system, and release deeply held blockages as you bathe in the healing vibrations of two gongs played by gong master Rajpal Kaur.

The gongs bring sound healing and works with the energetic body, ( which is no longer bound by the mind), balancing chakras and restoring the entire nervous system. This profound experience is known to release fears, tensions,stress, anxiety and clearing of old emotions and destructive habits.