Our Teachers

christine thomas

Christine Thomas

ERYT500, YACEP, Owner and Founder

Christine Thomas Christine Thomas, a native of Arizona, graduated Magna Cum Laude from A.S.U. with a B.S. in Business Management and minors in both Latin American Studies and International Business. Over the years, Christine studied wellness programs such as herbalism, nutrition and yoga. Now an ERYT500 advanced yoga instructor, she has experienced how transformational yoga has been in her personal life, and it is her passion to bring this to others. She is the founder of an on-site corporate yoga program aimed at empowering employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle and owner of Yoga Breeze Healing and Wellness Center in Cave Creek, AZ. It is her dream to inspire and empower others to live to their fullest potential.  She believes Yoga (movement and stillness, meditation, breathwork) and mindful living is the key to such.  “We have the ability to heal ourselves”, she says. Christine continues to deepen her knowledge through teaching, workshops, and intensive certification programs including Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy.

shanee wolf

Shanee Wolff


Shanee began practicing yoga in 2005. She said, “I instantly loved how the practice aligns body, breath, and mind as a moving meditation.” Shanee completed her 200-hour training at Southwest Institute for Healing Arts as well as trained at the 500-hour level at Yoga Pura. “Yoga has opened the door to experience more freedom, balance, and peace in my life. It is a practice of love and compassion for ourselves and all beings. Yoga has transformed my life, it’s an honor and privilege to share the benefits yoga has given me.”

gloria allen

Gloria Allen


Gloria began practicing yoga over thirty years ago before yoga was popular. During a great time of stress in her life and on the advice of her doctor she began studying yoga seriously. This eventually led her to an ashtanga yoga Teacher Training. With an anusara practice and further study into the philosophies of the heart Gloria expanded on her knowledge of the yoga practice. She blends both Eastern and Western Philosophies in her teaching style. To Gloria, the physical practice of yoga is an amazing, beautiful and challenging journey from the head to the heart. As we release stress and blocked energy from our physical bodies, it reveals the light and healing of our Divine Essence and the perfection of the present moment. She has gone on to further practical and philosophical education and is currently studying in a Master’s Teacher Training Program with international teacher, Rod Stryker. Gloria’s first love is yoga therapy. She has gone to study the therapeutics of yoga with Martin Kirk, Rod Stryker and Doug Keller. She is developing a breathing program for those with COPD and Emphysema using the yoga breathing patterns.

Rachel Albrecht-Rossi


Rachel began her personal yoga journey almost 10 years ago as a “reward” for running and a way to relieve stress. Soon this “rewarding” experience became a way of life, as she became certified at the 500-hour level through Yoga Pura and Yoga Aliliance. Rachel has taught all ages and abilities of yogis and yoginis- from preschoolers to retirees, and everyone in between In addition, Rachel has helped to train and mentor many yoga teachers from the greater Phoenix area, in her role as a mentor for a valley teacher training program. Her classes blend her love of philosophy with integration of YOGA into everyday life, and she holds a special place in her heart for alignment and moving students safely into and out of posture. Rachel’s love of this practice, yoga, and her students are clearly evident in each class she teaches.

tammy gatten

Tammy Gatten


Tammy is a graduate of Yoga Pura’s 500 hour teacher training, under the guidance of Yogi E (A.K.A Eric Walrabenstein). She has also attended continuing training and education at the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts with Mary Bruce, and her Yoga Nidra Certification through Yoga Pura. Her primary focus is on helping new students become engaged and educated on how Yoga can become an empowering tool for life. Tammy is committed to the well being of her students through mindful instruction, gentle adjustments, and connecting daily life into intentions to be applied on and off the mat. Whatever the class, students will be cared for and loved, mind, body and soul. When Tammy is not teaching Yoga, she enjoys every minute she can spend with her husband, two dogs, and two ‘adult’ boys.

Steve Price


Steve is a master-level instructor in meditation, mindfulness and writing. He has taught at colleges, yoga studios, mindfulness centers and addiction recovery centers throughout the valley, and has been training yoga teachers since 2005. Steve is certified in Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy and Life Coaching. In addition to numerous articles, stories and poems, he has published six books: Crawling Back To Patanjali, A Bowler’s View of the Tao Te Ching, John Doe’s Diamond, Swami On Call, Clam in the Sky, and Can I Have One Moment of Peace?

shelly kirane

Shelly Kirane


Shelly Kirane began her journey with yoga in 1999.  Having heard that yoga was “good” for you, she added it to her regular workout routine. And that was it.  It was a rote practice. She’d work out and stretch in class, and then she’d lie in savasana at the end of class mentally running through her list of things to do.   It wasn’t until a cross country move, the birth of her third child and the onset of depression that Shelly really began to see how her yoga practice was a metaphor for her life.  She began to deepen her practice by studying The Sutras and the science of yoga.  In 2010, Shelly completed her 500 hour Advanced Studies and Teacher Training. Her relationship with life transformed. She has since dedicated herself to teaching the science of yoga through asana. Shelly uses alignment, breath work, and ancient yogic wisdom to safely guide you through a complete mind-body-spirit experience. As a former elementary school teacher, Shelly has the ability to help you bring the lessons of this ancient practice into your daily life, creating more peace and ease for yourself and others around you.

jan wohlers

Jan Marie Wohlers


Jan began her yoga practice in 2008, and was instinctively drawn to the transformative powers of yoga. With a BA in physical education and a life long spiritual seeker, teaching yoga was a very natural fit.  In 2011 Jan completed her 200 hour teacher training and yoga nidra certification at Yoga Breeze Healing and Wellness Center in Cave Creek, AZ.  Specializing in classes for cancer patients; those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; parkinson’s disease; ALS; alzheimer’s disease and the senior community, yoga helps balance the ups and downs of life.  She creates an uplifting and safe environment for students who want to explore the many gifts that the practice offers.  Jan is spreading the seeds of the benefits of yoga on a daily basis to all that wish to receive them…

amy multak

Amy Multack

I began practicing yoga in 2001 never expecting where my journey on my mat would take me.  With much prompting from my yoga instructors I began a series of teacher trainings with Yoga Fit and then followed up with a 200 hour training with Yoga Medics in Michigan.  Yoga Medics is a medical model approach to yoga with emphasis on alignment and therapeutic needs.  The program not only enlightened my teaching but brought a deeper dimension to my own physical  practice. I taught yoga for the University of Michigan and a health club facilities in the Ann Arbor area. I love the process of creating and offering safe yet challenging yoga sequencing .  I enjoy sharing my love of yoga with all levels of students and am deeply honored to pass this gift of yoga to others.  Always remembering that we are all “practicing” this gift of yoga and having gratitude for what ever unwraps on your mat each day.  When I relocated to the Chicago area in 2013, I was very blessed to finish another 200 hour teacher training with House of Shanti under the skill and lovely guidance of Lourdes Paredes and Pam Udell.

Rebecca Potavin, M.Ed., ERYT 200

Rebeccah Potavin received her Master of Education in Educational Administration and Supervision from Arizona State University in 2009 and her Bachelors in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona in 2002. Her educational career has been multi-faceted and led her through a journey of teaching and serving others. As a former K-8 Principal, Rebeccah continued to seek ways to relieve stress and tension which furthered her love and passion for yoga. Through the physical practice of yoga, she built a stronger connection to her mind, body and spirit. This connection led her to want to know more about the history and origins of asana and the eight limbs of yoga. As a lifelong learner, Rebeccah decided to further her knowledge and practice of yoga by completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2015 with John Salisbury.  She has continued to increase her depth of knowledge by attending various workshops and trainings and is currently completing her 300 hour yoga certification with John Salisbury at Modern Yoga. Her background in education has given her a deep understanding of explicit and differentiated instruction which translates in the studio through breathwork, alignment, cuing and safe sequencing as she strives to make yoga accessible for every student.

Joy Blonstein

Joy began practicing yoga over twenty years ago.  Having a strong interest in dance, she was first attracted to the movement of the poses.  She soon learned that there was so much more.  The integration of breath, body and mind brings her a sense of calm energy and well-being that she strives to share with her students.  She focuses on alignment to make the practice both safe and accessible for all.  Her goal is for her students to feel good both on and off the mat. An avid storyteller, Joy enjoys relating the ways that yoga may be brought off the mat and integrated into our daily lives. “For me, teaching yoga is practicing yoga – it brings me a sense of peace that I hope to share with others.”  Joy completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Breeze and is currently obtaining her 500-Hour level at Yoga Breeze.

Rajpal Kaur

Rajpal joins us with an integrated holistic approach to healing. A certified Kundalini teacher, she is also a Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Cosmetologist and Gongmaster. Her healings and classes are performed using meditation and two sacred gongs – the Symphonic gong with a harmonic and universal sound structure, and the Jupiter Planetary gong whose vibrational sound enhances openness, trust, optimism, good fortune and a jovial spirit. Rajpal uses her Gongmaster talents to help you access deep states of consciousness, expand awareness and experience pranic healing.

Amber Samplin, ERYT500

Amber’s yoga journey began in 1998. She instantly fell in love with how the practice allowed her mind, body and soul to harmoniously unite. These feelings were foreign to her competitive nature from years of athletic competition. She found a regular yoga practice to be just the counterbalance she needed. Finally, after many years and many yogic journeys she heeded to the call of teaching. Amber is an E-500 hr RYT. Her first 200 hours were through YogaWorks and an additional 500+ with SmartFLOW by Annie Carpenter. The training she has received through her master instructor, Annie, gives her the necessary tools and confidence to provide each student with proper alignment, intelligent sequencing, and creative individualized transformational techniques. You’ll find Amber’s classes to be uplifting in nature~always seeking the balance. Bringing yoga to the masses is truly her joy to share with everyone.